Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Delightful delightful

Tue 3rd

The journey across the top of North Wales and into England is long and apart from hugging the coast, goes by unexpectedly. I Had a cuppa with the girls great aunt before leaving after the farmer told me they were in a caravan. They were sweet and it was a pleasant acquaintance. After that I arrive in a campsite just outside Chester tired and go through the process of setting up home again. At least this site is lovely and level and at £5 a night very cheap for what I get. The lady that runs it has never been in a caravan so has no idea how under priced she is. So the Hobby sits amongst the pear and apple trees and I relax.

I wonder how I shall sleep with the overriding noise from the motorway after the absolute quiet of Wales, but never get the chance to find out as the rain that fell all night long drowned it out!

Wed 4th

I wonder if I will be able to go to the city and walk the wall as the rain still falls. However, as I get ready up, it stops and the sun threatens to come out. Hoorah. I turn on the TV/ DVD and play a CD of BonJovi singing ‘It’s my life’ and get motivated as I am in a good mood. Oops. The solar panels haven’t woken up yet and I overload the system. So no boiler, no lights, no nothing. That’s a big lesson Carlson! I turn things off and try to figure out what to do (pulling the sofa apart and lifting the base up to make sure I have enough water, fiddling with the switches, scratching my head and generally feeling bemused). I just need to give the poor thing a chance to get moving and it lurches into life, but too late for a shower, so a strip wash and plaits in my hair is all I can fit in before getting the bus that goes past once an hour.

When I get to the delights of the city centre I go to the ‘ti’ and ask where some shops that I want to visit are, where the cathedral is and how much, and how do I get to the wall. I have been here twice before, once when I first stared to look at motorhomes a decade ago and a couple of years ago when I wanted to show it to Ebony on the way to Liverpool. We were going to find our Swedish ancestor and discovered my great grandfathers legacy's in the maritime museum on the renovated Albert Docks. We found two beautiful replica clippers that used to be part of the sugar triangle that Charles Carlson built and was regarded by his peers as a master craftsman and I felt proud and firmly in my own shoes as I looked at the plaque with his name on under the ‘Flying Cloud’ and marveled at the detail.

The Rows in Chester show medieval design and are splendid in their history. Tiered shops that spread upwards with walkways on three different levels, create a magnificent view of an age gone by. I love it here. I find the cathedral and am faced with disappointment from a pedantic objectionable young woman who takes the money. The issue was Fin in a baby carrier as per the photo in a previous post. There was no way she would let us in and became deeply defensive bordering rude. I was shocked as I was (truly) not argumentative. I just pointed out that Fin posed no wizzing problem and was as tucked up as he could be and was like a baby. Blimey she was down my throat. I would have thought it possibly me, until I met a lovely woman later in the day who had experienced her before and sent in a complaint about her. Shame, she must hate her job, or herself, poor thing. I’m not even going to get on the subject of enforced paying to get into a house of God, blah, blah. I let it all go and moved onto the wall. What a simply splendid walk, two miles of history, with information plaques at pertinent points around the city to tell you all about it. I love this place. Fin loved it to and walked untethered and happy. We (I) lost his lead after we stopped for a very nice cup of coffee in the independent quarter- at last a nice cup of coffee. Good job I have two more in the Hobby.

Overall a lovely day and I finish feeling satisfied and relaxed. I purchased a few lovely items in the many and varied shops in the Rows. I love the complement of standard combined with unique and different. Bear in mind now, I hate shopping. Shop ‘til you drop lasts about 20 minutes in Su’s world, so this was a very nice pleasure indeed.

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