Monday, 27 September 2010

Back Home??

Sat 25th

I leave Leanda with a hug and full tummy. I am sure this woman is trying to kill me with a death by food strategy. She is just tuned into feed all the open mouths like a mother starling. I suppose its my own fault for having my mouth open so much!

I drive out of her village with a wave and get to Cribbs causeway a little while later to discover someone has moved Ikea. I am mistaken, it was never there my big brother snorts at me. Cheers Bros. I turn on my sat nav on my phone and get taken on a right old tour of run down Bristol. I can get lost all by myself I don’t need a sat nav to do it for me. This is exactly why I don’t like them. Eventually I find it and after a crazy hour trying to figure it out, find that they don’t have what I came for. I was recommended to go by the folks I bought the Hobby from, but perhaps the Ikea oop North does better than this one. I get back on board and make my way to Plymouth. I have to stop at a house I rent out to turn on the heating, but when I get there the tenant is not in, so wait for them to arrive and have tea with my favourite elderly couple Cliff and June or Mumsie as she has become. I was adopted by them when I lived in the house and they have been dear friends ever since. I can hardly string things together though as I am just too tired and after I show the tenant how to get the boiler running I leave with promised to be back to check things out next week.

AS I approach the site I have booked it is dark and I have to try and find a flatish pitch on my own and get the hook up working. I so could do with that blow up bloke now, I chunter to myself. I kind of get the Hobby into position under an apple tree, chocking the wheels and get myself plugged in. After a while the alarm goes off and I am perplexed as to what I am doing wrong and close to tears I phone Andy and wimper. I have forgotten all things normal and haven’t switched the electrics from Solar to Hook up…Dopey! Thanks Andy, ever my saviour.

I get a cup of tea and flop into bed, which is slightly listing, but ok enough for tonight.

Sun 26th

I have a look to see if there is a better pitch in the morning and get chatting to one of my neighbours. AS we are talking a van leaves and I grab it’s pitch which is on a gravel hard stand. Ducks scurry by and I smile to myself as Fin has not taken any notice and he wonders over to me covered in something green and sticky. As if I haven’t enough to do I now have to stop everything to wash him under a very cold tap. He was due a bath sometime soon anyway and I laugh as he does his usual running in circles like a mad thing. He never ceases to bring my spirit up.

I potter around and wait for my Mum to give me a lift to what, until 3 months ago I referred to as ‘home’. Ebony has invited the world and I am a little overwhelmed, but do a good job of bumping my gums all evening in spite of it. It’s lovely seeing all my specials in one space, but I am happy to leave and get my little micra loaded with things to take to the Hobby and feel a little flattened to see no petrol in the tank. I just don’t have the energy at this point to get fuel and drive to the site again in the dark. I feel spacey and want to be here, but don’t want to be here. I forgot about the road works and have to go the long way. I feel anger rising and chastise myself noting that it is me that has changed and to get upset because nothing else has, is dumb and a waste of what little energy I have.

I realise as I step on board just how squint the vehicle is at the back, but again flop into bed and think about sorting it out tomorrow.

Mon 27th

I wish I had placed the chocks under the wheels last night. I had a slightly head down experience and got a headache in the night. I propped myself up on pillows and listened to the drone of the A38 in the background. Note to self, get to the moors girl!

Even though I didn’t like the position I had a lie in and listen to my neighbour who is kick starting her lungs with a fag and a good cough. Eventually I get up as I have a coffee date with my good friend Les a fellow coach. I meet him in my favourite Bistro in Stoke village and buy some coffee beans. Oh happy days! We have some food and a couple of cups of the finest and tell our stories to each other. I am excited by his news and come away feeling good about being here, for now.

I leave there and drive to Cara and her babylump. Poor lil’ girl has a horrid cold and lies on the sofa forlorn. This is why I have come home and we spend some nice time together. I file her fingernails and make us dinner and smooth her bloomin’ big belly and watch my soon to be grandchild wiggling. I love it.

I have a facebook chat with Tandy who is married to Joe and she tells me all about the hotel in the Massif Central which is already freezing and is busy being worked on for the ski season. I am so elated and make plans with her to visit for my birthday in April. Yippee, I shall ski for my birthday and I set a goal. I also speak with Grae and agree to visit the site on the moors tomorrow and make plans there too. Then I make a lunch date for Wednesday in a marina and I am a happy bunny and being here isn’t so bad after all. What a great day.

I get back to site in the dark, hmm, this is becoming a habit! I forgot to chock up before I went as I thought I would be back in daylight and attempt to do it now. I am a little zealous with the throttle and roll off the chock and straight onto the wheel that holds the cable for the hook up and break it. Stupid, stupid. Oh well, I think to myself, not all bad, as at least I’m level…………….

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