Friday, 3 September 2010

Lovely Lunan Bay

Sat 28th

Arriving at Lunan in the dark I was hanging on the end of a raggedy thread with tiredness. I was shown across a very bumpy pathway to the strangest CL I have encountered yet.
It’s a good job it was dark as when I drove back along it to pay the next day I wondered how I had done it so easily in the dark. It was full of pot holes and deep ridges, definitely not hobby friendly. Perhaps not actually being able to see the bumps meant I was not so cautious. Lunan beach is on the edge of a bank of sand dunes and the actual beach on the other side is about a two mile long crescent and mostly flat, white sand. It’s so lovely. I woke, opened the curtain next to the bed to see bunnies sat next to their holes, in a field of horses. Above me was a buzzard circling around in the sunshine.

I got up and had a cup of tea, got a shower and drove up to the shop to pay and get more water. I was so glad that I made the decision to comeback and stay around Carly and Bob. The ladies and I walked along the beach to the river at the either end of the beach. At the top of a hill at one end is a ruin of a building alleged to be used at some point by Robert the Bruce. We walked the river and climbed up the hill to have a look. Inside a pile of rocks was a GPS site with a plastic pot full of bits and bobs. A small bar of soap, a bundle of crayons, water purifying tablets and other bits and bobs. I thought it a fabulous idea. Apparently there is a GPS game to find these treasure troves, where you can take whatever you want from it if you need it or put something in if you can spare it. We had a look and then put the pot back and covered it up carefully so it could not be seen. I’m sure that during my childhood there was a similar thing called post boxing on Dartmoor.

On the beach are four salmon nets, shaped in a V and ten feet high, placed near to the high tide point. As the tide goes out the fish get caught and are easy pickings. Carly went into one and came out with a couple of flatties. For the rest of the day I chill and just stop. Absolute bliss.

Sun 29th

Today is a day of more of the same as yesterday. I slept well and woke feeling good about my world. I am rocked from side to side as the wind has picked up to a storm and as I talk to Mairi who is coming to visit me today, I see a full size pine tree snap near its base and fall over in the field in front of me. I cry out and am amazed. There is already a tree gone down in the next field. Later the farmer comes with a chain saw and chops off the branches. I suppose that trees growing on a base of sand is dodgy. They are put there to stop the sand from moving, but they are sparse and the dunes they grow on are steep and immensely wheeharrwhizzyyyyyeeahhh when you ride them on a plastic sledge!!

I am asked by Carly if I can dog sit their pup Saluki. She is very sweet so I don’t mind. They go off for a day of fun with the kids and I sit and wait for Mairi. When she and Neil arrive I feed them some lunch and after we go for a walk on the beach. I love having my friends around me and I realise through this trip that I need people around me. I love some time on my own, but too much is definitely not good for me.

A seal body has been washed up on the beach, it is full size and has bleeding coming from it’s head. I wonder if it has had contact with fishermen who have taken umbridge.

The beach is not as windy as the other side of the dunes and the walk is a pleasure.

After that Mairi and Neil leave and I settle in to have a restful afternoon. When Carly et al get back I tell them that the dog has been a sweetie sleeping with Fin on his bed, each one taking one of Mairi’s boots as a pillow. The weather stays windy for the rest of the day, so I decide to get an early night and see what tomorrow brings. The weather not-withstanding, it has been a great day.

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