Thursday, 16 September 2010

To be or Not To Be... A tourist

Thur 16th

What does Ironbridge have to offer? Well, as it turns out, not much- for me. I walked to the ti and got some brochures showing me the cycle routes and masses of museums I could walk to, but the allure has dimmed. It’s not a dog friendly environment and I just want to sit still and read and be mellow to be honest. I sit in a roadside café and watch the folks walk by, eavesdropping others conversation and wonder what I am doing here other than killing time. It’s all very pretty, with twee tourist shops and a narrow pavement on one side, but I am done now. I have figured out what it was that I came away to figure and have been able to put many things in their rightful place.

I know what life I want when I get back to Plymouth and I know where I want that life to move forward to. I am fully aware of the amount of work I have to do with regards to my physical fitness and cycling the four miles that I could with the dog today was ok, but I could have done with a little more (my knee was sore yesterday, but today is fine…hoorah). I know who I love and who loves me. I know who I love sharing time with and will cultivate that. I know who I want to get to know better and will cultivate that also. know what my brain desires so as not to be bored. My dreams can become reality with a little application.

I will have time when I get home to put into action the creative things I want to spend time on and letting go of the stress from earlier this year has been of highest importance.

Knowing our best skills and living our passion is paramount to our inner happiness. I know what mine are and intend to facilitate them wherever I am and whatever I do.

Now with that of my chest, I have to figure out where I am to go tomorrow as I haven’t a clue. I just had a phone call with Andy as my photo memory stick gizmo was playing abnormally and as always he was able to give me the answer (

Perhaps I shall just drive and see where I end up. I am going to Carly and Bob’s on Saturday, so I have one more day to fill between now and then. I am parked in the Bedlam Furnace carpark, where the red glow of the furnace could be seen at night many moons ago. Fortunately for me it is a great place to park for free and was very quite in the night, so another will be my good fortune. From here though, where to go, where to go….

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