Sunday, 12 September 2010

Pavements and Nasty Nosey Neighbours

Mon 6th

Deb goes on a hot first date and I spend the day with myself. I feel a bit lost and sit around her house sorting out my computer and sending emails from hers as for some reason mine won’t send.

The decision to go home early is fixed and I get my maps and plan my route.

I need to fix my back which is niggling and uncomfortable. It has taken me years to get the balance right with it and my masseuse knows her stuff. I have looked at options here but it feels like a real hassle to get an appointment that fits. I just know it will be a plaster on a gaping wound, so opt to wait. Stubborn me..

I feel emotional and can’t figure it out. I am happy and looked after, warm and fed well, nourished soul and heart, loved and missed at home, so what’s up? Women!!

Tue 7th

I wake feeling better for making the decision to go home early. I get nice responses from those who have missed me at home. It helps to know that I am missed, a reason to go back. I started this trip with an option to find somewhere I’d rather be and have not found anywhere yet that makes me yearn to leave where I am just yet. It feels great knowing I have a ferry booked for the spring to take me to Europe for part two of a girl a dog and a motorhome, but until then, being Omi to those already there and those to come, Mum to all my girls and friend to my lovely mates will fill in the time and I just know how fast the winter will whiz by. It will be a different time and I look forward to it.

Deb and I go to Kendal and feeling close to my family I get a rush of nesting and buy baby items. I love the joy of it. A lady in the baby outlet talks to me about life and I tell her what I do. She begs me to live in Kendal saying I’d have a thriving practice. Hmm… something to think about.

Deb is a fab cook and makes us a from scratch pizza that puts any restaurant pizza to shame. She cannot tolerate cows milk and I have been converted to sheep cheese. Its lovely. I love cooking and do a good job and can’t wait until I’m home to make a fish pie a la Carlson. Wild camping has it’s limitations. I have really enjoyed being looked after and could get used to it. I tease Deb and tell her is she was four stone heavier, male and nearly a foot taller I might be tempted to stay forever. She is tiny and we both laugh as she admits the same. It has been many years since I found a soul mate who gets me so well and makes me laugh so much, almost a mirror of myself. I am lucky to have had this time and space to find Deb again and as she is now.

Another starry night and trip up the lane with Deb’s i-pod. I love it. It’s been a great day and it ends well, full of love, great grub and good cheer.

Wed 8th

As I move the Hobby for a man who wants to collect a skip from the tea room an old woman from a house opposite walks over and asks me how long I intend to stay as I’ve ‘been here long enough now’. I am a little shocked by her rudeness and smile at her instead. I tell her that Deb and I have been unwell, which isn’t lying and she asks what is wrong. What a small, nosey horrid individual. Classic small village attitude. Deb walks past on her way for a run and catches my face, which cannot hide my feelings. I have an honesty policy as I am well aware of this fact and there is no point, being so transparent. I tell her what has happened and then say that its not about me, it’s the woman’s problem. Doesn’t stop me seeing her as an old bag though. Deb calls her a NIMBY (not in my back yard) and has a word with her later. It puts an odd spin on the day. We are both sensitive after being unwell and decide to go into Appleby to have lunch. I have scampi and chips after the menu is reduced to not much by Deb ordering the last jacket potato. It is late in the day and the bistro has had a rush over lunch. I am glad though as I get the best scampi I think I have ever eaten. I order a second coffee afterwards and Deb and I chat about looking after ourselves better when I am gone. Note how often these days I order a second cup of coffee. God I wish the lakes had a decent coast.

On the way home we stop to have a look at some undisturbed limestone pavement and I am blown away by the difference. It has full size trees and demonstrates what happens when a sympathetic land owner takes responsibility for the things that cannot be replaced. I spend time crossing from one side to another looking into the deep grikes. The slabs are wider than anything I have seen before and covered in moss. Predictably Deb pulls a bit of moss shows me and gives it it’s latin name and tells me what it means. This little one looks like a tree and has a name that demonstrated it. I love her passion and appreciate again how lucky she is to live her passion.

Thur 9th

I am leaving tomorrow and so Deb and I make the most of our last day. She goes to the hairdresser to prepare for her new man arriving and I go shopping! On the way there Deb insists we go to Hightop where a cafĂ© perches on the side of 1900 feet. It’s like being on the top of the world. The whole of Cumbria spreads out below us. Some mad folks approach it on a bicycle, others are more sensible and do it on a motorbike. I imagines how much fun the twisties would be with a knee out and tell Deb she had better drive back as I might be tempted to open the door of the car and pop my knee on the tarmac just to see if its possible to get the same feeling in a corsa..haha. This part of Cumbria is so special. I can see why it’s called the Eden valley, it is heavenly.

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